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Tips & Tricks- C Corporation!


  • State filing along with an appointment of Registered Agent required (we can help you with this!)
  • State filing fees vary and we are glad to provide you a quote
  • Shares of stock being sold to gain capital growth


  • Shareholders are not held accountable for the debts obtained by the corporation


  • Directors who are elected by shareholders are involved with management
  • Shares of stock are transferable due to supply of bylaws
  • Tax via entity level, corporate tax return filing is required


When your dreams of starting a business meet reality, the process of forming an entity can be daunting. Many individuals do not know where to start or how to keep compliant over the life of your business. CORPSMART™ works with businesses both large and small throughout the world to help individuals form their entities, research business licensing needs, file annual reports, maintain a Registered Agent, and even obtain funding. Visit our website or contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about your business goals.

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