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Leg. in California to take affect Jan. 1

Effective January 1, 2019, California domestic business corporations and LLCs will be subject to administrative dissolution or administrative cancellation if the entity’s powers, rights, and privileges are, and have…

Tips & Tricks- General Partnership!

Benefits/Disadvantages:  You are NOT required to formally file the entity No cost (no formation needed) Contributions may be made using partners along with opportunity to add additional partners Liability: Partners…

Holiday Closures Alert!

The following states listed will be affected: States Closed- Maine Maryland Mississippi Kansas Nebraska West Virginia State Half Staffed- Texas State Closing Early Pennsylvania (12:00 P.M. ET) Same day…

December Closures, by Jurisdiction

Please take note of the following holidays as these closures could affect your time sensitive filings: Monday, December 24th // Christmas Eve Arkansas Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Michigan North…

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