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March 1st is National Employee Appreciation Day. Statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration show that Small Businesses employed over 58.9 million employees in 2018. As businesses grow throughout the nation, businesses may conduct business in multiple states and/or hire employees in adjunct locations.  With statutory requirements varying state-by-state, many business owners turn to service providers, like CORPSMART™ to manage their corporate governance and compliance needs.

Things to consider with multiple state businesses:

  • QUALIFYING YOUR ENTITY: CORPSMART™ will form your original entity in any state throughout the nation and act as your Registered Agent. When you’re ready to grow your business into additional states, leave the qualification to us. We know all the naunces of qualifying in each state and we will make sure your entity is setup to satisfy your requirements.  Click here to learn more about our corporate assistance.
  • REGISTERED AGENT REPRESENTATION: Appointing a registered agent is a statutory requirement in most states throughout our nation. When conducting business in multiple states, hiring remote employees, and/or not having a physical presence, you will want to consider hiring a nationwide Registered Agent provider to manage your needs. With CORPSMART™ and NRAI you have the ability to work with one provider, nationwide to ensure that your notifications and service-of-process are being handled with great care. To learn more about our registered agent products click here or contact us at 800-737-8009 to get a competitive rate.
  • OBTAINING BUSINESS LICENSING: We will run a business licensing search to determine all of the licensing that you need to conduct your business. We will then present you with the information, obtain the licensing and maintain your licensing annually. Click here to learn more about our business licensing services.
  • ANNUAL REPORT MANAGEMENT: Every state have different Annual Report Filing requirements which can becoming confusing to manage as your footprint grows. Contract CORPSMART™ to manage this for you and we will simply check-in with you annually to ensure you do not have any significant changes to your officers or entity. Click here to learn more about our Annual Report Management solutions.
  • OBTAIN YOUR CORPORATE KIT: Have you purchased your Corporate Kit? Holding annual board meetings and documenting meeting minutes is essential to maintaining compliance in most businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about our Corporate Kits, click here.

It is always best practice to check with your attorney or CPA when determining where you would like to form/qualify entities and we are glad to work with you and your counsel through this process. For more information about our nationwide corporate governance services, contact CORPSMART™ at 800-737-8009.

*View the SBA fact sheet here.

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